Loki’s Poetry Lounge

Welcome to Loki's Poetry Lounge

Loki's Poetry Lounge is an e-lounge that caters to the poetry lover.  A place where you can read a variety of poetry as well as submit your own poetry to share.  Although this site is mainly about poetry it will have sections that cover other interest that I have as well.  I would like to say welcome to all, kick your feet up, grab a drink, and relax in the atmosphere you are about to partake in.

Here at the Poetry Lounge we have three categories of drinks on the menu.  We have Coffee, Tea, and Wine.  When you find what will satisfy your mood choose the correct list and you will be taken to a page that will have flavors of all kinds for you to experience.  Enjoy!!!

Drink Menu:


Coffee is for those in the mood for a wake me up.  Choose from a nice assortment of blends.

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Tea is for those looking for a more subtle but just as powerful form of inspiration.  Multiple flavors available.

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Wine is for those looking for a dose of romance or even some unadulterated lust.  Romantics apply here.

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