Loki's Poetry Lounge 1

I am just a normal person that is a self proclaimed computer geek, sports junkie, karaoke enthusiast and aspiring author.  I also happen to love writing and reading poetry.  I use poetry as a form of self therapy to help learn from the trials of life.  I use poetry as a form of expression when I feel strongly about something.  I use it as a way to document my growth as a person.  It is ultimately a large part of my being.



My hope is to use this site to share some of my experiences with others as well as many of the favorites I have read over the years.  I would also like to expand this by adding original poetry with pics (self or book cover) from those that would come to this site to enjoy poetry as well.  I would only ask that the poems submitted be copyrighted prior to submitting as I would not want to have anyone's personal work stolen.  All credits will be given.  Also if you have a book available that your poem is in, please include the link so it can be shared where you poem is listed.  Thank you.