14 Lines

What is a Valentine, yet to have a clue?
I know, roses are red and violets are blue.
Say my name to others, before they could say who.
You are my lover, my friend, my boo,
My baby and future wife too.
Remember I told you to be mine, and it became true.
Now you are more than my Valentine, endless things we could do.
This journey will be long, I know we will make it through.
You are the warmth of my soul, like chicken soup.
You give and receive, I do the same under our roof.
This bond we have is an unbreakable loop.
I am your vase, you are my flowers of new.
Our Love made the news, the possibilities of me and you.
The 14th line, may I end with how much I love you.

-Steven D. Jackson
"Alien iPlayA"