The One To Be

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To lay back and smile when your prayers are heard,
Daydreaming to the world, drifting in my mind,
Hearing from reality not a single word,
Heavy in thought, deep in concentration, well sort of,
Delusions of what I thought I wanted now vanished into realization,
The realization of what I truly longed for now fits me like a glove,
I remain still as I gaze at your aura, your aura,
You may ask what wrong, nothing is as I stare at the woman I love,
For the gentle nature in which you possess and radiate,
Your passionate ways, which are anything but second rate,
Your sheer beauty, determination, persistence and desire,
Your intelligence, sassiness and spirit lights my fire,
For all these things that you are to me,
Inspiration, companion, and prayers being answered the one to be.

The way spirits are lifted when we share time,
A fancy spectacle, that which is to be,
Enjoying it all, this beating heart which is forever thine,
To be in heaven is to walk hand in hand via moonlight,
To come together as one and push the problems of the world out of sight,
To suffer eternally is to miss the warmth of your heart,
Knowing your love, not to have it leaves one vacant, so vacant,
Alone in a world full of light yet left in the dark,
In a more positive light I relish to be with you,
Thankful for the time we shared, looking forward for new things to do,
Just knowing you has been a blessing in excess,
Hoping that future time spent together will be in success,
Knowing all these things it is very easy to see,
You are my inspiration, companion and prayers being answered the one to be.

-Anthony Reid
"Loki the Poet"